Hinako Shibuno Starts Even Par Yuka Saso 3 Under / ANA Inspiration

The first major game of 2021 has begun. Hinako Shibuno, who will be participating in the US tour for the first time this season , played with 2 birdies and 2 bogies “72” and started with an even par.

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1 birdie and 1 bogey in the first half. In the second half, he sank the 5m hook line with just a touch on the 2nd (par 5) and stole the birdie. I missed the approach with the 5th (par 3), which was removed from the rough at the back of the green, and hit the bogey.

Among the Japanese, Yuka Saso holed out with a total of 3 unders as a “69” with 4 birdies and 1 bogey.

Von Xiang Xiang (China) left 1 hole and 4 under. Michelle Wi finished the first day with 2 unders.

“ANA Inspiration” Live Score
<First day: Japan urged afternoon set the start time and the combination>
12:00 (2 days 04:00)
Eri Hara flower
Bianca Pagudanganan

12:22 ( 04:22 on the 2nd) / 07:32 * (23:32 on the 2nd)
Nasa Hataoka
Georgia Hall
Anna Nordqvist

12: 22 ※ (2 days 04:22)
Kawamoto binding
Nanna Colts Madsen
Sarah Shumerutsueru

13:39 (2 days 05:39)
Ayako Uehara
Andrea Lee
Weirin Hsu